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We Are Vedhas Nature Care

In year 2001 Dr. Hitesh kher decided to embark on a journey towards healthy world with the help of the nature And, in this quest, he started Dr kher ayurveda as a consultant ayurved practioner during his day to day of practice he is very well know that ayurved has power of healing and strong believe on ayurveda he try many combination of herbs on patient and got the excellent result in many disease to share this experience with other practioner he is established vedhas nature care a company in 2010 Name itself indicate power of GOD (Generator, Organizer ,Destroyer)the combine power of lord Brahma ,Vishnu and Mahesh called Vedhas. this company deals in organic Ayurved herbal manufacturing the Company always aims give best quality drugs and make ayurveda proud for betterment of society and the world. it introduced the concept of Arka Therapy for hairfall and regrowth which is a first time in india innovation make by company and due to this company make DR kher hairfall control and re growth kit which give result as fast as any other allopath medicine .Vedhas nature care other product is also as effective as Dr khers hairfall kit. Here we make a shastrokt product and many combination product all kind of joint pain oil many types of cosmetic product and also many specific product for some specific therapeutic use. take pain a only Dr Hitesh kher want to give some good alternative to society which is pure and safe.

We proud to our ancient Ayurveda system and we give best solution for 3rd party manufacturing in field of ayurved with best quality and reasonable rate.

We are offering you a Third party manufacturing in field of ayurveda we vedhas nature care is working in the Field of ayurved since 2001. Vedhas nature care is established in Supervision of Dr Hitesh Kher (Ayurved Consultant) we are making clinically Reliable herbal products. We also offer FDCA approved product with laboratory testing report for Third party manufacturing.

We give you a third party manufacturing offer in following Area:-

  1. Herbal manufacturing with party brand name
  2. Shashtrokt medicine manufacturing.
  3. Ointment Manufacturing.
  4. All type of Lotion manufacturing.
  5. Different type of shampoo, soap and as per customer Demand we are making a High quality product.
  6. We manufacture All Kind of Syrup/tablets/and capsule As per customer Requirement.
  7. Different type of hair oil and pain Relief oil
"Live healthy with Bless of Nature"

“Ayurved” grace of GOD 

  • In Indian mythology we all know during the “samudra-Manthan lord Vishnu take a form of “Lord Dhanvantari-The Father of Ayurveda...
  • During this Avatar Lord Dhanwantari come with “Amrita kalash And Lots of Herbal Medicinal Plants” to survive all Leaving Organism from variety of Diseases.
  • We “Vedhas Nature Care” Strongly Believed Ayurved has a Power of Natural Healing without any side effect.
  • We strongly believe Ayurved as a grace of GOD for Whole Human being…

  • WE strongly Believe AYURVED is always comes with spirituality because without spirituality AYURVED is Nothing..
  • We all Know our four VEDAS & one of THEM ATHARV VED is fill with lots of MANTAS which indicated clear instruction regarding ayurved…
  • CHARAK –SAMHITA our ancient jewel is the most powerfull book Written by MAHARSHI CHARAK And till a date it will be very helpful to all AYURVEDACHARYA for treating him …
  • In shastra(Holly Book) it is written that before taking any herbs first off all you go that place and welcome herbs to come with you and give his best medicinal Property to patient for Recover.
  • In SHEEMADBHAGVAT GEETA lord Krishna said in form of moon I give Nourishment to all Herbs….
  • IN case of RAMAYAN hanumanji bring all mountains and once again place them to appropriate location and also request to herbs to fill with great healing power for medicinal use.
  • We strongly believe that all spiritual aspect which is directly or indirectly effect Quality of Herbs..